Environmentally Safe Ways To Dispose Old Mattresses

When you get a new bed, you may be so excited about sleeping on it that you do not really think much about where your old mattress is going to go. Some companies offer to take your old mattresses when they deliver your new ones, but do you know what they are going to do with it? If you have to dispose of your own old mattress, is there somewhere else other than the local dump to take it? If you want to do something to help the environment, try some of these environmentally safe ways to dispose of your old mattresses.

Some old mattresses are perfect for a guest room and can be made more comfortable by adding a mattress topper.

Some old mattresses are perfect for a guest room and can be made more comfortable by adding a mattress topper.

If you buy a new mattress and the company is offering to take your old mattress, ask them what they are going to do with it. Remember, they offer this as a service but you do not have to let them take your old set. If they are just going to throw it out, think about keeping the mattress to dispose of it on your own. You may have to store it somewhere for a few days, so keep it inside. Do not allow the it to sit outside in the rain or the mattresses will be worthless.

There are many places that may take your old mattresses even if you think the mattresses are no longer comfortable. That does not mean they can not and will not be put to good use somewhere else. Places like battered women shelters, half-way homes, homeless shelters and other like homes can take your mattresses and put them to good use. Homeless shelters may use them, or you may find someone in your community that is in dire need and would love to take your mattress. If your old mattress is in pretty good shape, you can donate to a second hand thrift store.

You may also be able to recycle your mattress in your own home. You may think it’s wrong to give a mattress to someone in your household that you no longer think is comfortable, but that is not always the case. Children are light, and that means what was uncomfortable for you will feel good for them. You could also use your old mattress in your guest room, if you have one. All you may have to do to make it more comfortable for your guests is to invest in a good mattress topper.

Another option would be to recycle the mattress. This is not common just yet, but some places are starting to do this. They remove the springs and wood from mattresses to recycle them. This is a much better option than simply throwing out your mattress in a landfill. They take up a lot of space and as you know, our growing garbage dumps are becoming a huge problem for the environment.

Best Mattresses For Children and Teens

When you buy your first mattress for your child, you know you have to get something for the crib, and crib mattresses are essentially the same. They can be made from different materials, but you don’t have to worry about coils or foam, or anything like that. However, as your children grow, there are many things to consider when you want to get them a new bed and mattress. If you take a few things into consideration, your choices are going to be easier to make.

Latex mattresses like the one shown here are one of the best mattresses for children and teens because they are hypoallergenic, soft and durable.

Latex mattresses like the one shown here are one of the best mattresses for children and teens because they are hypoallergenic, soft and durable.

Some suggest that latex mattresses are the best for anyone under the age of 18. This is because the material is durable, and these are hypoallergenic. That means any children or teens with allergies are going to benefit from this material – unless of course they are allergic to latex. Otherwise, this material is a great idea. This can be pricey, but it is worth the price if your children develop any type of allergy as they grow. They help the most with dust mites, but there is a benefit with any type of allergy.

If you want to think about construction, smaller children under the age of 12 are not going to be too picky about coils and the like, as they do not really have enough weight on their frame yet. Some of the more sturdy coil systems may actually be too hard on their bodies. They should have something a bit softer. The pocketed coil beds may do well, as well as any other types with a lower coil count (see Majestic Sit & Sleep’s selection of Innersprings Mattresses). Once they reach 12 and up, however, they may need something sturdier.

When choosing the best mattresses for children and teens you also have to worry about the growth of your child. Some children have spurts that make their current bed size too small in a matter of months. That means getting them something they can grow into if you are worried about having to buy mattresses over and over again. Twin beds can be wonderful, but some people buy a full size when children outgrow the toddler size so they do not have to worry about having to buy a larger mattress in a few years.

If you have space considerations, think about bunk beds for your children that share a room, or even as an option so they always have room for a friend to stay over. Another great space-saving idea is futons because they can double as a sofa when your children have company.

For the most part, you don’t have to worry too much about the type of mattress you buy for your child unless they have a specific medical condition or allergies. Most children can sleep on just about anything and feel good in the morning. If they are not sleeping well, or are involved in sports, you may want to put extra consideration into the type and size of mattress you buy so they are getting the most out of a night of sleep.

Best Type Of Mattress To Help With Back Pain

Everyone deals with back pain at least once in their lifetime, but hopefully it is only a temporary thing. If not, you know that you want to do whatever you can do make your life more comfortable. Being in pain all of the time is no fun, so choose the right chairs, habits, and mattresses to help you feel better. There are a few different ways you can go when shopping for a new mattress set when you have chronic back pain.

Organic latex mattresses, like the Latex Gold mattress shown here, provide superior comfort for those suffering with back pain.

Organic latex mattresses, like the Latex Gold mattress shown here, provide superior comfort for those suffering with back pain.

A memory foam mattress is probably the best type of mattress to help with back pain, but it is not always the best choice for everyone. This type of mattress does not have springs, but instead uses a firm, sponge-like material that conforms to the shape of the body. That means you never have to worry about springs straining against your back. A similar type of mattress contains latex foam. Latex foam mattresses are thick and sturdy and mold to your body just like memory foam – while offering you superior support. Organic latex mattresses are also available for those people wishing to avoid chemicals in their sleeping environments. These are also the most expensive, but will be worth the price if they are right for you.

Those with back pain may also want to try mattresses that have individual coils, also called pocket coils. In traditional mattresses, there is a series of coiled springs that attach to each other. That means when you move on one side, the other side of the bed reacts. Though these can mold to your back in the right way, it rarely happens. If you choose a mattress with coils that are not attached to each other, your back makes its own nest without creating pressure points that push against your painful back in the wrong way. Some pocket coil mattresses are made with organic materials, such as Majestic Sit & Sleep’s line of Green Living Innersprings Mattresses. Again, the best way to choose the right on for you and your sore back is to try them out.

When you want to have very firm support without paying the price for a foam mattress, see if you can find a mattress with a separate box spring set on the bottom. Most beds are made today with the springs in the mattress rather than under them. While not totally ideal, they can be good for some bad backs. The trick might be to find such a bed. They use to be very common, but are harder to find today.

Try each and every type of bed when you are shopping, and don’t be afraid to lie on any mattress as long as you need to see what feels the best. You can expect that you are going to pay more, as most of the low end mattresses are not going to help your back. In fact, they will probably make it worse. You may be certain that sales people want you to spend the most money possible on a mattress, but there is some wisdom in what they have to say about each mattress type.

Mattress Coil Systems in Innersprings Mattresses

Majestic Sit & Sleep provides a full line of green living innersprings mattresses that provide superior comfort and support.

Majestic Sit & Sleep provides a full line of innersprings mattresses that provide superior comfort and support.

Not all mattresses are created equal. Some are old and are not going to be comfortable, and some are modern, but might be too expensive. Some are right in the middle. No matter what your needs, you can probably find something that works for you when it comes to mattress coil systems. There are three different types of mattress coil systems in innersprings mattresses from which you can choose, each having different ways of supporting your body. If you have no idea which type you should buy when shopping, try them all to see what feels best for you.

Hourglass: Hourglass coil systems come in two varieties. These are the offset and Bonell varieties. The Bonell is much like what you would find in some of the earliest types of padded seating. The Bonell coils are shaped in an hourglass form and they are attached to the frame or spring set of the mattress with knots. Offset coils are very similar to Bonell coils, but are attached in a way that maximizes their hinging action in the middle of the mattress. Offset coil systems in innersprings mattresses tend to be very expensive, but may add more comfort over the Bonell variety. Really though, it is up to personal preference as some people desire more firmness in their mattress than others.

Continuous: This type of mattress is made with one long wire molded together to form the coils in a continual motion. The coils are formed one by one and stay attached to each other. This type of systems is very solid, and offers a harder and more stable support for the body. Instead of hourglass shaped coils, continuous coil systems have coils shaped the same width from top to bottom.

Pocketed: Pocketed coil systems are probably the most comfortable, but may not last as long as the other types of mattress before needing replacement. However, if you have a bad back, this is the way to go if you want an innersprings mattress. These coils are not attached to each other as the ones in the other types are. Instead, they are produced and encased in a strong fabric. The fabric pockets containing the coils are then attached to each other. This produces individual coils that can absorb weight without bothering the coils nearby. This allows the bed to conform to the body for a very comfortable sleep experience. This bed type is great for couples also, as one can toss and turn and the other person would never know it. Each can sleep in their own style without waking or bothering the other.

Majestic Sit & Sleep also carries a full line of Green Living Innersprings Mattresses that are made with environmentally-friendly materials, such as soy-based foam.

Space Saving Benefits of Futons

Futons are a perfect addition to a smaller living space because of their versatility to function both as a bed and a sofa or loveseat.

Futons are a perfect addition to a smaller living space because of their versatility to function both as a bed and a sofa or loveseat.

Space is something that is not always in abundance, especially when it comes to living quarters. A nice, breezy house is a luxury for some people, and for others it is just a way of life. If you are young and just starting out, chances are good that you do not have as much space as you hope to have one day. If you are in college, you probably will find you never feel as if you have enough living space. There are some great ways to save space, and buying a futon is one of the best.

A futon is a bed that converts easily into a sofa or loveseat. Because they are so versatile, you save space that would ordinarily be taken up by your bed and a sofa. Not only that, they can be taken apart and stored in a normal sized closet if you really have to open up some space and you don’t have any other options. The futon mattresses are thick enough to be comfortable, but can generally be folded in half so that they can stand upright behind a door if needed. For some people, space is that tight.

Space saver futons also come in handy when you have some space, but you have to have a bit more on special occasions. These types of futons can be opened and used for guests, and the pushed away for the rest of the time. If you only have guests once in a while, and you do not have a spare room to reserved for guests, or you just do not have them often enough to warrant a guest room, a futon is certainly a great option to be sure you are prepared when guests do arrive.

There are not only a number of space saving benefits of futons, but they save money too. You can buy a futon that is relatively comfortable for a few hundred dollars. You can buy some cheaper, but they won’t be quite as nice to sleep on. They may never rival a really nice mattress, but they can certainly do the job when needed. In fact, they can be much more comfortable than a sleeper pull-out sofa bed, which will cost quite a bit more and is always quite a bit heavier. When considering all options, the futon is a great way to go.

Tips For Getting A Good Nights Sleep

There are many things that you can do to improve your health. Eating right and getting exercise are both things that help, but one important aspect of good health is something that many skip. If you want to feel and look better, and lead a more productive life, you have to get a good nights sleep. There are always going to be times when you are not going to sleep well, but do your best to get good sleep as often as possible. You will notice a positive effect on both your life and how you feel from day to day. To help you wake up feeling rejuvenated, we have but together this list of tips for getting a good nights sleep.

Memory foam mattresses prevent movement transfer and are the best choice of mattress for a light sleeper.

Memory foam mattresses prevent movement transfer and are the best choice of mattress for a light sleeper.

Set up your room for sleep. There should be nothing in your bedroom but what you need to sleep and dress. If you have a computer sitting there, or even a bookcase, you can never fully relax while you are in your room. These things can trigger thoughts of work you have yet to finish or emails you have yet to answer. If this happens each night, you are never going to relax enough to fall asleep as you should. Keep your room comfortable, decorated in a somber yet attractive way, and keep any work out.

Try to go to bed each night at the same time. This can be hard if you go out on the weekend, or if you have very young children, but do the best you can. If you fall asleep each night at ten, and get up in the morning at six, you can get eight good hours of sleep. The longer you follow this schedule, the better your sleep patterns are going to get. If you happen to stay up late, try to wake up at the same time anyway. Take a short nap during the day to catch up rather than sleeping in until noon. Sleeping in late can negatively affect your sleeping pattern for days to come, thus a nap is a better choice.

You have to know your own sleep style. This may sound simple, but some people get it wrong. If you think falling asleep with the television on is helping, you are mistaken. Your brain will never turn off completely and you may be waking up a lot without realizing it. If you want noise, use a white noise machine or a fan. Also, keep light out of the room. Wear an eye mask if that helps. Keep curtains drawn tightly closed until you wake up. Any light or noise is going to interrupt your sleep.

If you find that you are woken up constantly during the night by the tossing and turning of your partner beside you, this can be a major hindrance to your sleep quality. If this is disrupting your sleep every night there is one thing you can do about it other than sleeping in separate beds. The best solution is to buy a new mattress that does not disperse movement throughout. The best mattresses for this are either a futon, or a memory foam or latex mattress that is either all foam or has individually wrapped coils. These mattresses transfer very little vibration when someone turns in their sleep, which improves the sleep quality for both you and your partner.

Along with these tips, try to stop eating a few hours before bed, as digestion can lessen the quality of your sleep. Sleep in what is comfortable, and seek help for your spouse or partner if they snore. The scent of lavender can help you relax and sleep when you feel stressed, and meditation practices can also help you body ready for a good nights sleep.

Best Mattresses For Allergy Sufferers

If you have allergies, you may not be sure what type you have. Some have them can be from pollens and trees, and those are usually just a problem in the summer and fall, though they can be issues in the spring and winter too. However, someone with year-round allergies might have a dust mite allergy, which is very hard to control. One thing that can help is to alter the type of bedding that you use. The mattress may be the main culprit in your allergy problems because you spend so much time on it.

Latex mattresses are dust mite resistant and are the best choice for people who suffer from allergies caused by dust mites and other allergens.

Latex mattresses are dust mite resistant and are the best choice for people who suffer from allergies caused by dust mites and other allergens.

Dust mites feed on human skin. Before you let that freak you out, know that it is the dead skin that comes off of your body each day. They are not on your skin eating live tissue. This dead skin can fall just about anywhere in your home, and there is probably more of it coming off of you than you think. Because you sleep on your mattress each night, you can expect that your mattress is full of dead skin, making your mattress an ideal haven for those dust mites. No wonder you sneeze for ten minutes straight when you wake up each day!

Most people who have dust mite allergies buy what is called a latex mattress. This type of material inhibits and discourages dust mites from hanging out in your mattress. Some come with a rubber (latex) interior and natural fabric around, and others are completely made of latex. These mattresses are not going to completely get rid of dust mites in your mattress, but it can reduce the numbers enough to help alleviate some of your allergy symptoms.

If you are not wanting to buy a new mattress, you may want to consider buying a Protect-A-Bed Mattress Protector instead. This can go over your existing mattress and offer you some relief. These are not going to be as expensive as the entire mattress set, but they can be higher on the price scale when it comes to mattress covers. It will be worth the price however.

Don’t forget to add a hypoallergenic pillow, such as a latex pillow, to your new mattress set or mattress cover. These also discourage dust mites and other allergens from building up in your pillow so close to your mouth and nose.

Adding Color With A Futon Cover

There are many keys to decorating your living space. Perhaps one of the most important things you can use is color. Without color, no other means of decoration are going to matter. Color is powerful and color is easy, as long as you go with what you think works or get some suggestions from the world around you. Color is something that can be used no matter how much you want to spend or how little space you have and one of the best ways to add color to a room and to easily change the feel and flavor of your living atmosphere is to buy a new, colorful futon cover.

Buying a new, colorful futon cover is an excellent way to spruce up a dull room and add a splash of color.

Buying a new, colorful futon cover is an excellent way to spruce up a dull room and add a splash of color.

Some people try to buy a futon to match the room in which they think they are going to place it. That is fine, but these colors can be very limited. You may end up with white, beige or black if you do that, as you think those are neutral colors and won’t hurt your current decor. Those colors can be neutral, but at times they can destroy an otherwise great room. If you want to easily spruce up the appearance of your room buy a futon cover in a color that adds to your space rather than takes away from it.

You can always start fresh and use the color of your new futon cover as the starting point to choosing colors for your room. You might want to start with a color wheel and choose one color that you love. To choose the other colors in the room, you can either go with the color opposite on the wheel, which would be a contrasting color, or the colors next to your chosen color, and those would be complimentary colors. You can also find a color on a paint strip and use all colors that come with it on the same strip. That often works well and is a fool proof way to choose something awesome.

If you do not want to start from scratch, but rather wish to add a splash of color to a room that seems too plain or boring, you can find a color in the room and go with that color. You can do this by looking at your art work. If you have anything you love, choose a color from within that art to choose your color. You can also use the above mentioned color wheel to choose the complimentary or contrasting colors for the colors that already exist in other furniture, the rug, or even your favorite drapes.

One of my favorite things about a futon is its versatility in both its function and design. I have a selection of futon covers, different in both colors and textures. This gives me the ability to change the look of my living room quickly whenever the desire is there. For example, last weekend I bought a new painting for my living room – a beautiful field scene with red poppies. Well, off came the old futon cover and on went my microfiber red futon cover that makes the color of the poppies in the painting jump right off the canvas. It looks stunning and has given my room a renewed look and feel, just in time for summer.

Tips For Buying A New Mattress

If you have aches and pains, feel tired all of the time, and you tend to get sick more often than others you know, you may want to blame it on an old mattress. When you are not sleeping well, you are not rested, you can’t think straight, and your immune system is compromised. One of the best things you can do for yourself is to go out and get a new mattress. There are a few things to do and to look for while shopping.

When shopping for a new mattress take the time to try them out briefly in the store before you buy.

When shopping for a new mattress take the time to try them out briefly in the store before you buy.

Before you shop, do your research. There are many different types of mattresses out there, and they all come in their own price range. Some are very expensive and some are downright cheap. You can find good deals on some quality mattress sets, but you generally get what you pay for. See what is out there, what looks appealing to you, and remember that those with bad backs are going to benefit the most from the more modern and expensive mattress sets on the market.

Shop around. Take an entire day or even a weekend and devote that time to shopping different mattress stores. You want to get a good price, but you want to get a decent mattress. You don’t want to replace the bad one you have with one that is not much better. Most stores have salespeople who will go over all types of mattress with you, and they allow you to try out any bed for as long as you want. Take advantage of this, and be prepared to spend at least ten minutes on each mattress. You can not really tell in ten minutes, but you can get a good idea in that short time.

While you exit each store, talk with the sales person that has been helping you. Ask them for a card so you can ask for them if you decide to come back. Let them know that you are shopping around for the best deal on the mattress of your choice. By doing this, they are going to remember you, and they are going to see if there is anything they can do to make you a deal so you come back to buy from them. Most sales people work on commission, and they never want to see a commission walk out the door. A slightly smaller commission is better than none at all.

Don’t ever buy a mattress you do not think is good enough. If you don’t have the cash for the one that feels best on your body (try your typical sleeping positions for a much clearer picture), then you should not be buying. Get a goal price and save until you have that much, or pay down your credit card until you have the space to buy the right set. If you buy the wrong one, you are throwing away your money. Your mattress is more about your overall health than just your sleep. It’s both.

Pillows that Help Stop Snoring

Snoring is a deep, throaty sound made by a person when sleeping because there is not enough air circulating through their breathing channels. A number of people who experience snoring every night may not even be aware of how serious their problem is. In many cases it takes another person to alert the snorer on how bad their snoring has become.

There are a few pillows that can help stop snoring, including memory foam pillows like the one shown here that provides exceptional neck support and helps to keep airways open when sleeping.

There are a few pillows that can help stop snoring, including memory foam pillows like the one shown here that provide exceptional neck support and help to keep airways open when sleeping.

Snoring is a sign that not enough air is being inhaled during sleep and in extreme cases people may also experience sleep apnea, where their breathing stops entirely for short periods of time. A lack of oxygen flow in the lungs greatly disrupts the amount of oxygen the brain receives. For this reason, severe snoring can be an indicator of oxygen deprivation during sleep, which is unhealthy and can lead to many health conditions, such as chronic migraines.

There are a number of products that can be used to increase oxygen flow in people who snore or experience sleep apnea; however for the lighter snorers there are special pillows that can help to quiet your nightly orchestra. The best pillows for snorers are designed in a way that they help to keep airways open. There are latex and memory foam pillows that are highly recommended by sleep experts for people with snoring problems as well as physical problems such as the neck and back issues. These pillows are typically come in a pre-molded design that supports the neck and opens the airways. Of course, when selecting a pillow to help stop snoring you should be aware of the ones that contain fibers that may trigger allergies, such as feather and down. Also, the best pillow to help stop snoring will accommodate a person’s various sleeping position and will not tilt a person’s neck into unusual positions that may result in neck and back pains.

There are also pillows that offer therapy as one is sleeping and are referred to as therapeutic pillows. They offer a therapy while lying on the back by appropriately supporting the head, neck and upper back, leaving the spine in its natural curve. They also offer therapy while one is sleeping on the side where they support a person’s neck, upper back and head, ensuring a correct spine posture as a person sleeps. Therapeutic pillows also offer therapy for snorers because they usually prevent a person’s head from being pressed forward when they are sleeping on their back, thus leaving the vital air channels open. These types of pillows are highly recommended by the American Chiropractic Association (ACA).