History of Memory Foam

Memory foam may be one of the best innovations in sleep in quite some time. Anyone who has ever had a night of sleep on this type of mattress will tell you that they have never slept better. It does not matter if you are in tip top shape or if your back is badly out of place – you are going to sleep well on a memory foam mattress. This type of material will form to your body while offering the support you need for a good night of sleep. No other type of mattress has been able to do this quite as well. The history of memory foam is actually an interesting one.

Majestic Sit & Sleep carries a line of memory foam mattresses that are guaranteed to give you the best sleep possible.

Majestic Sit & Sleep carries a line of memory foam mattresses that are guaranteed to give you the best sleep possible.

The history of memory foam is quite interesting. It was something that was first made by NASA, but it was not perfected by them right away. This material was named memory foam because it has a short memory – acting much like a liquid when it is in a solid state. You can make an imprint in the foam that will stay for a moment or two before the foam slowly goes back to where it started. This was intended to help cushion and support the astronauts on the Space Shuttle to cushion them from g-forces. However, it was not perfect and NASA dropped the project for some time.

As great as this memory foam had the potential to be, it did have a flaw that made it an impractical item, at least on the retail market. It tended to go brittle and then just fall apart after just a few short years. That hardly made it an ideal material to put into anything. However, the company that was working with NASA picked up the project again and began to work on tweaking the material used as memory foam. It took over ten years, but the company finally found something similar to what you are going to find on the market today. This foam stood the test of time, worked well, and did what the original foam was meant to do.

Today, you will find memory foam mostly in mattresses, and they tend to be at the higher end of the price scale. However, most will tell you that these mattresses are well worth the price. Tempur-Pedic was the first company to use this revolutionary material for a bed. They first did so in the 1990s. They are not the only ones today to do so, and mattresses are not the only products you can get made with memory foam. You can also find mattress toppers and pillows made with this material that will have the same comfort as a mattress can have. This material is also used in some pet beds, slippers, car seats, baby cribs, ear plugs, and many other great products you may use every day.

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