How to Care for Your Futon

A good futon can last up to ten years if you know how to care for it properly. Futons are great for when you want extra seating in a room, but also need a place for people to sleep when you have company. Futons are also very comfortable and some people prefer their firm support to other mattress types. They are also an inexpensive yet fashionable way to fund a dorm room when a child first goes away to college. Whatever your use of a futon may be, learn how to care for it and it will last you a very long time.

Caring for your futon mattress can add years to the longevity of your futon bed or sofa.

Caring for your futon mattress can add years to the longevity of your futon bed or sofa.

The futon mattress is your main concern when thinking about how to care for your futon. Much like the mattress on your bed, you want to make sure it stays relatively dry and clean. How hard or easy this is depends on how it is used. Those that are used all of the time should be flipped once a month and the sheets should be changed as needed, but at least once a week. If wetness happens, it should be cleaned up immediately and then the mattress should air dry, outdoors if possible. Just remember to watch out for rain.

Cleaning the mattress is not that hard, but it should be something you keep up with on a regular basis. When there has been a spill or other type of wetness that may stain or cause a odor, use a mattress cleaner, mild detergent with water, or an upholstery cleaner to get it clean as soon as you can. Again, air it out to be sure it is dry. If you must, use a vinyl sheet on it to keep it cleaner for a longer time or use a mattress protector that can not only make the sleeping surface more comfortable but also protect it from moisture. Don’t forget to vacuum your futon mattress when you are cleaning your home to keep dust and pet hair from piling up on and in the mattress.

You can protect your mattress with a futon mattress cover made just for the futon sized mattress. This will help it enjoy a longer life. You should also take the time to air out the mattress at least twice a year – more often if it is used a lot – in the outdoor air, again watching out for rain. This keeps it fresh and helps eliminate odors that build up over time. Also remember to keep your frame in good shape, especially if it is wood. Keep that dry as well and dust often.

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