Organic Crib Mattresses – Best Choice for Your Baby’s Health

If you have a new baby on the way or even if you have already welcomed your precious newborn into the world, you have likely been doing everything you can to prepare and make sure that nothing but the best is being provided for your new baby. That said, one aspect that is often overlooked is the crib mattress. Many parents tend to choose the traditional mattress because they don’t realize that there is an organic option. However, there are many benefits to buying organic mattresses, including crib mattresses.

Organic Mattresses, like the EcoRest Natura shown here, offer a healthy sleep environment free of chemicals.

Organic Latex Mattresses, like the EcoRest Natura shown here, offer a healthy sleep environment free of chemicals.

For starters, mattresses that are organic not only function as well as traditional varieties, but they are chemical free, which makes them a far healthier choice. Of course, there are many other reasons why an organic crib mattress is the best choice for your baby. For instance, not only are they eco-friendly, they are also safer. Many standard mattresses contain a variety of questionable materials that could have a potentially negative effect on a baby, such as chemical fire retardants and polyurethane foam.

Some experts believe that an organic crib mattress actually allows for better air flow due to its natural ingredients. This free-flowing circulation may actually assist your infant in breathing better. Moreover, it has also been found that organic cotton may lead to fewer occurrences of allergic reactions.

If you decided that an organic mattress is the right choice for your baby, the first thing you should be aware of is the fact that these mattresses are more costly than regular mattresses. Secondly, just because a mattress may be labelled as organic doesn’t necessarily mean that it is. For instance, while many of these products are made with bamboo fibres and organic cotton, sometimes bamboo is mixed with other materials such as rayon, which is not a natural fibre so the product would not be organic.

Therefore, to ensure that the mattress you obtain is 100% organic, make sure the item you are purchasing has received Organic Trade Association (OTA) approval. This should be listed on the product, as well as what the ingredients of the mattress are – whether it is cotton, wool or bamboo. Furthermore, it should also state that no chemicals were used in the process of making the mattress.

A mattress isn’t the only organic bed item you can purchase for your baby’s crib; you can also obtain other bedding for yourself and baby, such as organic sheets, that is safe and free of processing chemicals.

Bunk Bed Safety For Children

Bunk beds are fun beds for children and they are also great ways to save space in a room. However, if not assembled properly a bunk bed can be dangerous and lead to unfortunate accidents, including falling off the top bunk and being injured by guardrails. It’s not difficult to keep children safe in these beds. It’s simply a matter of making sure you build it properly and use the right bedding.

Majestic Sit & Sleep carries a number of beautifully-crafted bunk beds that offer a safe sleep for your children.

Majestic Sit & Sleep carries a number of beautifully-crafted bunk beds that offer a safe sleep for your children.

There are three main aspects of bunk bed safety for children that you need to consider:

  1. Guardrail Spacing – One of the main common threats to a child’s safety is the guardrails on the bed. The reason is that if they are not installed properly there is plenty of opportunity for injury. For instance, if they are placed too low, there is a risk that a kid can roll right over and off the top bunk and fall to the floor when sleeping. Also, if the space between the rail and the bunk are too wide, it is possible that the head of the child can become lodged between them, which can, in very extreme cases, lead to suffocation. Thus, make sure there is a rail on all four sides of the bed and that the gap that exists between the bottom of the guard rail and bed frame is not more than 3.5 inches. Moreover, the bed rail should be a minimum of 5 inches higher than the surface of the mattress to prevent children from falling.
  2. Support for Upper Bunk – If there isn’t enough support for the top bunk it can fall down and lead to injuries. Therefore, it is imperative that the supports that hold up the frame, mattress and the child are strong enough to do so. It helps to include cross ties underneath the mattress foundation for more security, as well as additional slats.
  3. Size of Mattress – It is essential that the mattress you obtain for the beds are the correct size. A wrong sized mattress can lead to falls and increase the space between the frame and the safety rails. As a general rule of thumb, the mattress should fit tightly against all four sides of the bed frame.

A few other useful safety tips for bunk beds that you may want to consider include:

  • Make sure the ladder is secured to the bunks and replace any broken rungs immediately.
  • Bunk beds should be inspected on a regular basis to make sure they are sturdy and so any broken parts can be fixed.
  • Children under the age of 6 should not sleep in the upper bunk or be up there unsupervised.
  • Kids should be taught the importance of always using the ladder to get to the upper bunk and not use chair or other furniture.
  • Provide children with a nightlight so they can see when they climb up and down during the night.

Finally, keep in mind, to avoid any of these unfortunate occurrences, make sure you obtain a product that passes the US Safety Inspection, as this will help to increase bunk bed safety for children and guarantee quality.

How Room Color Affects Your Mood

Color affects us more than simply appealing to our sense of sight. It can also affect the way we feel. Different colors can change our mood, which can have either a positive or negative outcome. Therefore, before you make any final decisions regarding the color you would like to make the focal point of a room, you need to carefully consider how the shades you prefer will impact your mood, for better or worse.

A futon cover color, such as one of these colors shown here, is an excellent way to add a colorful accent to a room to lift your mood.

A futon cover color, such as one of these colors shown here, is an excellent way to add a colorful accent to a room to lift your mood.

To give you an idea of the type of influence colors have in a space, the following is a brief list of common colors that are often featured on room walls and how they can make you feel:

  • White/Neutral tones – This is a very practical color because it does little to alter your mood. It is a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms because it easy to spot dirt and stains and it looks clean. White represents purity and can have a cooling or warming effect depending on the shades that are used as undertones (I.E. you can obtain a white with a blue or yellow hue). In addition, other neutral shades, such as cream, taupe, sand and diverse tones of brown are also very balancing and are suited to almost any room.
  • Yellow – This is a very cheerful, energetic and warm color that is often associated with happiness. It is ideal for places where many people gather, such as family rooms, kitchens, hallways, dinning rooms, etc. On the other hand, it is not the best choice for a bedroom because it can make a person feel restless due to the fact that it is lively.
  • Blue – When most people think of blue they feel relaxed and a sense of tranquility. Due to the fact this colors has such a calming affect it is a wonderful choice for bedrooms and bathrooms. On the other hand, it isn’t suited to rooms where you need to be mentally or physically active (I.E. office, dining room, kitchen, etc.).
  • Green – This is actually the most relaxing color and can be quite peaceful. It promotes health and rest, and has actually been found to lower blood pressure in some people. Green is suitable for most rooms, but is typically a popular choice for living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms and offices.
  • Red – This energizing shade is very warm and enticing but is often too vibrant for most environments. It is ideal for entertainment but those seeking comfort and relaxation will not find it with red. It is far better used as an accent than the main color.

Thus, it is often in your best interest to choose neutral tones as your base color and then add bolder shades in the furniture and accessories to bring the room to life and reveal your personal taste.

History of Memory Foam

Memory foam may be one of the best innovations in sleep in quite some time. Anyone who has ever had a night of sleep on this type of mattress will tell you that they have never slept better. It does not matter if you are in tip top shape or if your back is badly out of place – you are going to sleep well on a memory foam mattress. This type of material will form to your body while offering the support you need for a good night of sleep. No other type of mattress has been able to do this quite as well. The history of memory foam is actually an interesting one.

Majestic Sit & Sleep carries a line of memory foam mattresses that are guaranteed to give you the best sleep possible.

Majestic Sit & Sleep carries a line of memory foam mattresses that are guaranteed to give you the best sleep possible.

The history of memory foam is quite interesting. It was something that was first made by NASA, but it was not perfected by them right away. This material was named memory foam because it has a short memory – acting much like a liquid when it is in a solid state. You can make an imprint in the foam that will stay for a moment or two before the foam slowly goes back to where it started. This was intended to help cushion and support the astronauts on the Space Shuttle to cushion them from g-forces. However, it was not perfect and NASA dropped the project for some time.

As great as this memory foam had the potential to be, it did have a flaw that made it an impractical item, at least on the retail market. It tended to go brittle and then just fall apart after just a few short years. That hardly made it an ideal material to put into anything. However, the company that was working with NASA picked up the project again and began to work on tweaking the material used as memory foam. It took over ten years, but the company finally found something similar to what you are going to find on the market today. This foam stood the test of time, worked well, and did what the original foam was meant to do.

Today, you will find memory foam mostly in mattresses, and they tend to be at the higher end of the price scale. However, most will tell you that these mattresses are well worth the price. Tempur-Pedic was the first company to use this revolutionary material for a bed. They first did so in the 1990s. They are not the only ones today to do so, and mattresses are not the only products you can get made with memory foam. You can also find mattress toppers and pillows made with this material that will have the same comfort as a mattress can have. This material is also used in some pet beds, slippers, car seats, baby cribs, ear plugs, and many other great products you may use every day.

Best Mattresses for Asthma Sufferers

If you suffer from asthma there are likely many factors in your environment that can trigger an attack, such as breathing in dust, pollen, smoke, pollution, air fresheners, animal fur, chemical fumes, etc. However, what you may not be aware of is the fact that the mattress you are sleeping on could very well be making your asthma worse. Why? A large percentage of asthma sufferers, more than 80% in fact, are allergic to the dust mite skeletons and excrement that reside in the mattress.

Latex mattresses, like the one shown here, are some of the best mattresses for people who suffer from asthma and other allergies.

Latex mattresses, like the one shown here, are some of the best mattresses for people who suffer from asthma and other allergies.

Due to this fact, it is very important that you take preventative measures to ensure that you are limiting your exposure to dust mites, including that you make sure to find the best mattresses for asthma sufferers. This will greatly help your asthmatic symptoms and will also likely improve your sleep. What can you do to reduce and prevent an accumulation of unwanted mites? The following are some ideas:

  • Dust resistant mattresses are best for asthma sufferers – Purchase a mattress that is dense, such as a memory foam mattress or a latex mattress, because the denser the padding the less likely it will attract, collect and hold on to dust.
  • Anti-allergen mattress protector – If you like your current mattress or are not in a position to obtain a new one, you can always obtain a cover that will help you. When purchasing such an item you will want to ensure that it is recommended for people who have dust allergies or are highly sensitive. It should be bleach, dye and chemical free and allergen proof. Protect-A-Bed Mattress Protector is a highly recommended product for this purpose.
  • Obtain vinyl pillow protectors – Vinyl is harder for dust to penetrate and stick to and will help extend the life of your pillow. That being said, it may be a good idea to change your pillows on a yearly basis.
  • Wash all bedding in hot water – Your sheets should be washed weekly in hot water. Your comforter, quilt, duvet cover, pillows, blankets, mattress protector, etc. should also be washed in hot water on a regular basis (I.E. every one – two months) to ensure proper sterilization and the removal of dust mites. Make sure you read the instructions of each item so you know what temperature is too hot for the material.
  • Frequently vacuum – Vacuum your mattress, the bedspread, and comforter and so on, as well as any carpet in the room at least once a week. If you can, it’s a good idea to remove carpets in the room and install hardwood, tile, vinyl, etc. because dust does not cling as easily to these types of surfaces as it does to carpet.

Using a Mattress Topper for a Cooler Sleep

It’s one thing to have a warm and cozy night sleep and another to be tossing and turning all night because you are overheated. Being overwhelmed by warmth when you are trying to rest can lead to many negative outcomes, the main one being insomnia.

Mattress toppers add a layer of breathable material between you and your mattress giving you a cooler sleep.

Mattress toppers add a layer of breathable material between you and your mattress giving you a cooler sleep.

There are a number of reasons why one may become too hot while they sleep. It is important to know the causes because knowing can help you reverse the problem and cool you down. Consider the following:

  • Wearing too many clothes to bed or pajamas made of material that traps in heat, such as flannel or fleece, etc.
  • Wearing socks
  • Too many covers
  • Room is too warm
  • Hot flashes
  • Mattress is trapping in heat

Of all the above possibilities, the one that most people tend to overlook and is often a major contributing factor, is the mattress. The vast majority of mattresses and top covers are designed with materials to hold on to heat to keep your body warm. While this may be ideal in cooler climates, it can certainly have its disadvantages. Therefore, if you find you are having difficult sleeping because you are too hot, it might be time for you to invest in a proper mattress cover for a cooler sleep.

One of the best mattress toppers you can use for a cooler sleep is made of space-age memory foam. This type of mattress topper provides a cooler sleep surface because the memory foam does not disperse heat, creating a cooler sleep surface. Furthermore, while there are different types of memory foam pads, many of them are designed with open-cell technology, which allows for breathability.

There are other mattress toppers you can obtain that are made from 100% cotton, wool or hypoallergenic polyester fiberfill that can also help you find peace from night sweats, hot flashes or just overheating. This is because they work to regulate your body temperature throughout the night, providing the perfect temperature.

Basically, if you want to find a mattress topper that will protect you from waking up sweating and feeling like you spent the night in a sauna, you will want to be sure to find a topper or a pillow-top mattress that has been created to keep you cool and cozy. In addition, be sure to try out the pad or topper before you make any final decisions. After all, while it is important to maintain ideal temperature during sleep it is also imperative that you are receiving the proper comfort and support for you body.

5 Ways to Spruce Up a Dull Bedroom

When decorating our homes or apartments, we may not pay much attention to our bedrooms, or put them off until last because they are often one part of the house that company rarely sees. While that makes sense, you should never avoid or forget about your bedroom as it means a lot to you. You spend a lot of time in there and it should be pleasing and comfortable, not plain and boring. Here are five ways to spruce up a dull bedroom so that you enjoy it more and are proud of that room.

Futons are extremely versatile and comfortable, both for sleeping and entertaining, and help to make small spaces feel bigger.

Futons are extremely versatile and comfortable, both for sleeping and entertaining, and help to make small spaces feel bigger.

  1. Paint your room. It may seem simple, but the color of paint on the walls of your bedroom can make all the difference. You want something pleasing but not dull, but also, something you find soothing. Greens and blues are often good for a bedroom, but a good red color can promote romance. Add what you think works best but avoid anything too bright or busy (if you prefer wall paper).
  2. Get new bed accessories. Once you have chosen a wall color, you want to pull your room together with new sheets, comforter and pillows. Don’t forget about new drapes as well. These do not have to be expensive, but they do have to match your new room. Get something to compliment your wall color. If you choose mustard yellow, for example, a light teal blue will go well with it. Get a new comforter, drapes, and throw pillows in complimentary colors and your room will look amazing.
  3. Evaluate you wall hangings. If you have pictures of your family and friends in your bedroom, you could be ruining a good night of sleep. Anything hanging on the walls should be a décor item. Save the pictures for other rooms. When thinking about things to hang in your bedroom to spruce it up, choose a few larger pieces that you love and make you feel calm. Avoid large clusters of small items and busy prints for your walls.
  4. Add space. While it might be impossible to add more room to your bedroom, you can make it feel bigger by choosing to have a white ceiling and white trim no matter what wall color you have chosen. This opens up the room and makes it seem bigger. You can also add mirrors around the room. They reflect light and make a room appear larger. Another great suggestion is to use a futon in your room that can double as sofa. Futons are extremely versatile and comfortable, both for sleeping and entertaining.
  5. Get one new piece of bedroom furniture that you love. You don’t have to spend a lot, but go out and get one new piece of bedroom furniture to match with your new room. You can find a great end table or perhaps a new dresser that you love or perhaps a free standing, framed mirror. Something new can certainly add renewed excitement to a room that has seemed dull and lifeless thus far.

Hypoallergenic Mattress Bedding

If you get up every morning sneezing and itching your watery eyes, you may be confused as to what is causing you so much discomfort. You obviously have allergies of some type, but you may not know from where they are coming. If you do know, you may not have done enough to relieve the symptoms that plague you. There is always a great chance that you have a dust allergy, and if that is the case, you want to find a good hypoallergenic mattress and bedding so that you do not have to suffer so much after a night of sleep.

Majestic Sit & Sleep carries a full line of latex mattresses that are made with organic materials and are naturally hypoallergenic.

Majestic Sit & Sleep carries a full line of latex mattresses that are made with organic materials and are naturally hypoallergenic.

If allergies are getting in your way of a good night’s sleep you may want to look into buying a hypoallergenic mattress. Hypoallergenic mattresses are typically made with natural materials that are dust mite, mildew and mold resistant. One of the best types of hypoallergenic mattresses is an organic latex mattress. Latex is naturally resistant to dust mites and other allergens, making your sleeping environment as allergy-free as possible.

A hypoallergenic mattress would be ideal if you think that your allergies may be coming from your bed, but you can try to see if hypoallergenic mattress bedding could be the answer that you need. It would save you some money if that is the case. This bedding would shield you from any irritants that are causing your allergic reactions and should not collect things like dust and pet dander that are possible causes for your allergy symptoms. This bedding would include a sheet set, mattress cover, the pillows, and the comforter.

There are a few characteristics that hypoallergenic mattress bedding pieces may have that you do not find in your regular bedding. In some types, the weave is done much tighter so that dust can not settle into the fabric as easily as it can with other types of materials. Otherwise, these are made with certain materials that are not associated with allergies. Some are totally synthetic so that there are no reactions what so ever. Some are made with one hundred percent organic cotton, such as an organic cotton sheet set, or other natural material that is least likely to give anyone a problem.

Other than they type of hypoallergenic bedding that you choose, you can learn how to keep things up to par to eliminate even more problems. If you have a pillow with a cover, make sure that cover is washed often. If you can find one that protects the interior of the pillow entirely, that is the best choice. You should clean any and all bedding often, especially in the summer when the windows are open and air is circulating from more sources than usual. You can also get an air purifier that is built to deal with allergens and other air born irritants. These measures should help anyone with potential dust allergies to sleep better at night and wake up without the itchy, watery eyes and endless sneezes of the average allergy sufferer.

How to Care for Your Futon

A good futon can last up to ten years if you know how to care for it properly. Futons are great for when you want extra seating in a room, but also need a place for people to sleep when you have company. Futons are also very comfortable and some people prefer their firm support to other mattress types. They are also an inexpensive yet fashionable way to fund a dorm room when a child first goes away to college. Whatever your use of a futon may be, learn how to care for it and it will last you a very long time.

Caring for your futon mattress can add years to the longevity of your futon bed or sofa.

Caring for your futon mattress can add years to the longevity of your futon bed or sofa.

The futon mattress is your main concern when thinking about how to care for your futon. Much like the mattress on your bed, you want to make sure it stays relatively dry and clean. How hard or easy this is depends on how it is used. Those that are used all of the time should be flipped once a month and the sheets should be changed as needed, but at least once a week. If wetness happens, it should be cleaned up immediately and then the mattress should air dry, outdoors if possible. Just remember to watch out for rain.

Cleaning the mattress is not that hard, but it should be something you keep up with on a regular basis. When there has been a spill or other type of wetness that may stain or cause a odor, use a mattress cleaner, mild detergent with water, or an upholstery cleaner to get it clean as soon as you can. Again, air it out to be sure it is dry. If you must, use a vinyl sheet on it to keep it cleaner for a longer time or use a mattress protector that can not only make the sleeping surface more comfortable but also protect it from moisture. Don’t forget to vacuum your futon mattress when you are cleaning your home to keep dust and pet hair from piling up on and in the mattress.

You can protect your mattress with a futon mattress cover made just for the futon sized mattress. This will help it enjoy a longer life. You should also take the time to air out the mattress at least twice a year – more often if it is used a lot – in the outdoor air, again watching out for rain. This keeps it fresh and helps eliminate odors that build up over time. Also remember to keep your frame in good shape, especially if it is wood. Keep that dry as well and dust often.

Feng Shui for the Bedroom

Feng Shui is a practice from the Orient that is meant to bring peace, harmony, and balance to any life. This is something that is applied to all physical spaces that a person may occupy in the hopes that when done right, this practice will bring happiness to a person that can then feel content. As a result, there are many things you can do in your home to achieve balance and to help with the things that mean the most to you. You may find that you can get a better night of sleep if you follow some basic Feng Shui rules when putting together or rearranging your bedroom.

Using Feng Shui in the bedroom is thought to improve sleep and overall health.

Using Feng Shui in the bedroom is thought to improve sleep and overall health.

Watch the position of your bed. You should make sure that you never have your head pointed towards the door of your bedroom. This will probably not happen, but be sure to avoid it. Also, do not sleep so that you are directly across from the door. You should be in view of it, however. This is not only a Feng Shui principal, but a common sense one as well. If you feel secure that you can see what is going on if a noise happens outside your doorway you are going to feel better as you sleep. That results in a better nights sleep.

It is believed that if you sleep directly under a window that bad chi can come into the window and go directly into you. In order to block bad chi from entering through a window hang a thick curtain to block that bad energy. Along the same lines, keep your bed away from the wall by at least a few inches and do not put it into a corner. This allows positive energy to move around your bed unfettered so that you can get a better night of sleep and your good energy will be revived as you sleep.

There are other small things that you can do to improve your sleep through using Feng Shui for the bedroom. You should make sure your feet are not point towards the door when sleeping and that there are no pictures of water in the room at any time. Avoid beams above the bed as they cut good energy down quickly. An old and worn mattress signifies and old and worn relationship with your spouse, so get a new bed if needed. When a bathroom is off the side of the room, keep the door closed while sleeping. Avoid seeing an image of yourself at the foot of the bed when you are sleeping, and keep the space under your bed clean and clear of any objects.

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